Sunday, November 25, 2018

Samsung galaxy S10 release.Price and review

Samsung galaxy S10 Price and Real review 

Triple camera

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Friends will talk about Samsung Galaxy S10, news of which is coming in to see Triple Camera, or not, this phone is going to be launched but it will not be because This 10th anniversary, which is from Samsung, will be celebrated next year, then this phone will launch on that time,

Triple camera

But what is the specialty of this phone that is getting extras from Samsung S9 S9 Plus, or is not getting more than that, there will be a full Bagels Display, which is totally eliminated with the bagels. And in this you will find the camera with the Pop up Selfie, and the biggest thing is that in it you will also be able to see Triple Camera, like you had seen in P20 Pro, you can get 3D Face Unlock in it,

And in this front you will get in the display finger print Sensor which will cover half the screen, it is a big thing that for some time the S10 phone that is running is planning soon.
Finger prints in display

So let's see now Next year This phone comes with the space fiction, nothing is official, it's all an estimate, but I'm giving you the update first, maybe all these things get in, but this 3 Variant will meet you,

 In which you will get the first Variant. 5. You will get the full Bagels Display which will display the display of 8 Inche, which will be Normal Display, and the other which will be Variant will also be 5.8 inche but the coverage will be displayed, as if you have It was seen in Samsung S9, it will be seen in the same display,

 The third which is Variant is 6.2 inche which is the highest variant, and it will come with one more thing which is going to add, in this you will get to see behind the Triple camera, so this phone can be very great, if this phone Comes with full Bagels Display, you will find it in Pop up Camera,
Samsung galaxy S10 Price and Real review

 A new thing can happen in the coming time, which hates noch, this phone will prove to be very good for them, so the nonsense in the Future can disappear, and the full Bagels Display will see you in the future,

 Along with this news that I am telling you, it is on the South Kurien News Agency News News, it has disclosed this, it is a matter of fact that next year when this phone is launched, then it will get all the space fiction in it. That does not get,

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